Saturday, December 4, 2010

Sugar Industry

About Sugar Industry in India

Sugar consumption rate is highest in India as shown in the statistics received from USDA Foreign Agricultural Service. However, as per production is concerned, India has notched up 2nd position following Brazil, the largest sugar producer in the world.

The Indian sugar industry uses sugarcane in the production of sugar and hence maximum number of the companies is likely to be found in the sugarcane growing states of India including Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, and Andhra Pradesh. Uttar Pradesh alone accounts for 24% of the overall sugar production in the nation and Maharashtra's contribution can be totaled to 20%.

There are 453 sugar mills in India. Co-operative sector has 252 mills and private sector has 134 mills. Public sector boasts of around 67 mills.

Beginning of Sugar Industry in India

Sugar is made from sugarcane, which was arguably discovered thousands of years ago in New Guinea. From there, the route was traced to India and Southeast Asia. It was India which began producing sugar following the process of pressing sugarcane to extract juice and boil it to get crystals.

It was in 1950-51 the government of India made serious industrial development plans and set the targets for production and consumption of sugar. It projected the license and installment capacity for the sugar industry in its Five Year Plans.

Types of Sugar Industry in India

The sugar industry can be divided into two sectors including organized and unorganized sector. Sugar factories belong to the organized sector and those who produce traditional sweeteners fall into unorganized sector. Gur and khandsari are the traditional forms of sweeteners.

Manufacturing Process followed in Sugar Industry in India

Several steps are usually followed to produce sugar. These steps can be mentioned as below:

  • Extracting juice by pressing sugarcane
  • Boiling the juice to obtain crystals
  • Creating raw sugar by spinning crystals in extractors
  • Taking raw sugar to a refinery for the process of filtering and washing to discard remaining non-sugar elements and hue
  • Crystallizing and drying sugar
  • Packaging the ready sugar

Machinery Suppliers for Sugar Industry in India

Some of the suppliers that offer cutting-edge machines to the companies involved in sugar industry of India are:

  • Sakthi Sugars Ltd
  • Sri Sujay Engineering Products
  • Sri Vijayalakshmi Industries
  • Murthy Industries
  • Parveen Perforaters & Allied Industries
  • Aeromen Engg Co
  • Kamla Foundry & Workshop
  • Tinytech Plants
  • Baba Vishwakarma Engineering Co. (P) Limited


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