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Solar System (imp points)

Solar System Currently Whats IN news

Indian scientist examines possibility of life on planets other than Earth.. A recent article by Ashwini Kumar Lal, from the ministry of statistics and programme implementation, government of India, has examined the possibility of life on planets and satellites within our solar system and beyond.Read More--


  1. Have no light of there own,
  2. all of tem EXCEPT Venus n Uranus rotate upon their axis from west to east


  1. earth has one(moon)
  2. Jupiter has more than 60
  3. Mercury n Venus Have none

Asteroids n Planetoids

Term---whole series of very small planets or fragments of planets revolving around the sun between Jupiter n Mars.

Centre of Solar System

The SUN (this theory was given by Copernicus called heliocentric view.)

Prior to earth was considered as the centre(this theory by Ptolemy)


  1. Average dist. Frm earth—150,000,000kms
  2. Pluto Farthest


  1. third planet
  2. after Mercury n Venus(called inferior planets)
  3. age—4.6 billion
  4. Shape-Oblate spheroid or a geoid
  5. Rotation –Spinning on polar axis every 23 hr 56 min n 9.54 secs

Do u Know

  1. Mercury,Venus,earth,Mars---inner planets
  2. Jupiter,Saturn,Uranus,Neptune n Plut----outer planets
  3. Venus brightest planet.
  4. Mercury--- smallest
  5. Jupiter—largest
  6. Earth—living or blue planet
  7. Mars-red planet
  8. Pluto’s orbit elliptical intersects orbit of Neptune

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  1. Pluto is no longer a planet as per the definition of Planet given by some Int'l org.