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Meaning of TSunami

The word Tsunami is Japanese for harbor wave. Some tsunamis may reach heights of 100 feet or more.

It can be caused by an

underwater earthquake, and

underwater landslide, or

even by an asteroid or

other large body that might crash into the ocean.

Sometimes a small underwater quake will trigger the landslide that causes a tsunami. Such waves are also called tidal waves because they inundate like high tides. But this isn't just any ordinary wave. It can travel at 500 mph deep under the sea. That doesn't mean that it destroys ships on its way to shore. In fact it passes right under them unnoticed. That's because its height might be only twelve to twenty three or so inches. Or it might be noticed but not given any special attention because it might appear harmless..

But the situation changes dramatically when the wave comes closer to shore. As it enters shallow waters it begins to decelerate and gains height as it becomes compressed. Waves up to 100 feet or more in height are possible. Of course one caused by an asteroid impact might be much higher depending on the asteroid's size. But fortunately such occurrences don't happen as frequently as earthquake and underwater landslide caused tsunamis.

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